Saturday, 12 January 2008


There never seems a day that goes by without some survey or other being published. BBC news on the radio seems particularly fond of them. I usually ignore them.

Over the years, I have been through the following cycle.
  1. 'eat margerine cos it's healthy and full of unsaturated fats'
  2. 'do not eat margerine cos it's not healthy and full of chemicals'
  3. 'dont eat butter cos its full of saturated fats'
  4. 'eat butter cos its natural'
I'll just stick to what tastes good!

I digress.

Today there is a survey published that says those born under the astrological sign of Cancer are most likely to have a secret affair.

The complete list is...

Cancer 11.54%
Aries 9.53%
Gemini 8.99%
Leo 8.56%
Aquarius 8.56%
Libra 8.27%
Pisces 8.03%
Sagittarius 7.86%
Scorpio 7.84%
Capricorn 7.82%
Taurus 7.72%
Virgo 5.27%

This list was made up from a dating site.

Three points.

I am a Cancerian. Supposedly home loving and homemaking. I have never had an affair at all as I believe that you should stay committed to the other person. Unlike one or two or maybe more ex's that DID have an affair. How can you be home loving and a Lothario?

What actually makes someone have an affair is that they can get away with it, they believe that what they are getting outside of the relationship is better than within it and that they had given up trying within their current relationship. It's NOTHING to do about your date of birth.

Thirdly, do my (few) readers know that 84.3238745% of all statistics are quoted inaccurately?

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