Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Bank Account of Jeremy Clarkson

Some say he is the man that takes the pulse of nations pubs and pro actively pontificates on the thoughts of the persons found propping up the public bar.

Some say that he eats pizza ... uncooked

All we know is he's called Jeremy Clarkson!

When the government lost all the bank details of all parents in the UK some weeks ago, this well known wit, Top Gear presenter and occasional motoring journalist gave his bank details out in his column in The Sun Newspaper.

This was to show that, actually, the details were irrelevant and that we should not be ......(typical JC pause) ....worried.

Had to laugh when in his column today, he announced that someone had set up a direct debit to take £500 from his account to the ..... (another JC pause) ... British Diabetic Association.

And, apparently, the culprit(s) cannot be found out due to the Data Protection Act. The DPA is all about the keeping of details about people on computers private. Ironic or what?

However, he did apologize that perhaps he had been a little hasty in his comments.... before.

Amazes me how he did notice that £500 had been taken from his account and waited until his statement arrived. Us mere mortals know when 5p is removed from our accounts.

Secondly it seems that if someone simply knows the sort code, bank account number and name then they can steal from you and the banks have to aid the criminal by not revealing who did it! A government law that prevents the police from finding out stuff due to the government agency's incompetence!

There is something very wrong here!

Not surprisingly and nonetheless, I like what he has to say almost all of the...time.

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