Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Internet Dating

The good and bad of the last few days of left me to think. I have been a serial dater off the Internet for some eight/nine years and believe that it is the best way to meet other single people, and the safest particularly for women.

I have had dating experiences where it was obvious that all the date wanted was sex, and others where a LTR was the desired outcome. The profile of the 'date that was not a date' seemed to indicate that she wanted the later and hence I went into both dates (sorry, 'meetings') with that starting point. In retrospect, it all happened too fast. she messaged me on the dating site, we agreed to meet the next day which ended up to be a drunken chat in the cold outside. That was a good time as I have mentioned before. New Years Eve proved to be a disaster.

Why? In short, it was because we did not chat long enough beforehand on line to discover sufficient about each other an to see whether there was enough groundwork for the possibility of progress towards a relationship. I am always happiest on a first meeting when I have shared jokes and comment about everyday life before hand so that I may know what is to be expected. Perhaps it is me and my many layers that finds comfort behind the keyboard. I don't know for sure but I have learned that the way forward is not to be too hasty. That was the downfall here.

I made the mistake of presuming that I could make up for the lack of Internet chat on the first date, sorry meeting and she, from my point of view, did not realize that dating does not simply happen. You need to do your groundwork (which I did not) and come to the meeting prepared (and knowing) what your outcome should be.

Anyway, I shall move on and date again. When and where is the question but it wont be tomorrow!

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