Thursday, 17 January 2008

It's Like Putting a Gun to your Head

Regular readers may like to read my first ever published poem. Those of you that actually know me in person may like to comment on the irony of the subject matter.I will things at that! LOL

Scientific investigation
Says that
Regular inhalation
Of tobacco smoke
Could slowly choke your lungs
Of vital, life-giving
Air .

A morning puff,
An evening drag
It all poisons you.

Cigarettes are drugs,
But can be stopped .
Would you like
Your lungs to become ineffective masses of tissue
Because of cancer?
Or big horrible ulcers to appear
In your stomach?

This can result
"Just one more"
"Just one too many" .
An average smoker
Knocks five years
Off his life
Think about it .

C.Martin 1974

I was in the Fourth Form (Year 10 to the youngsters!)

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