Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Read the Daily Telegraph today?

The front page! Brilliant combination of stories...all with a financial theme.

Higher tax payers paying up to £700 per year tax because the increase in the tax threshold was moved in line with general inflation not the rate of wage inflation which has risen faster. A very subtle stealth tax according to critics of Gordo and his boys and girls.

Inflationary pressure is leading to up to a million mortgage holders suffering and being put at jeopardy of losing their homes. Bet they could do with the additional £700 per year above if they were a higher tax payer.

And what does out taxes pay for? Part of it goes towards Gordo and the rest of the 600 plus elected members of the House of Commons. One of these members of parliament, Derek Conway, has been exposed as paying his two sons (one of whom wants to be 'Queen Sloane') and Mrs Conway some £260,000 as they are, apparently, part of his orifice... sorry office!

Henry 'Queen Sloane' Conway, his son and an undergraduate of the University of Cambridge, has never worked for his father according to his mates and received £10,000 per year. Used some of the dosh to throw a aprty with the title of 'Fuck Off I'm Rich'. Nice to know where our cash goes is it not?

Unbelievable...and the MP's are voting tomorrow whether to suspend him for ten days! Only ten???

Talking of politicians the Speaker of the House, The Right Honorable Michael Martin, spent £20,000 of taxpayers money over last summer issuing libel actions to protect his own personal reputation!


Gordo nicks the cash and the MP's get greedy! No chance that we being exploited is there? No wonder, Gordo chickened out of an election.

Great front page!

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