Friday, 4 January 2008


The News of the World reported that Eastern European beggars are now forcing the true blue British beggars onto less profitable places. They also reported that these EC beggars are muscling in on food kitchens stopping out beggars getting their fill.

In Cambridgeshire, we have an increase of Drink Driving offences from our EC immigrants. Seems like after the magnificent effort that the Police have made over the years to tell the residents of the UK the dangers of drink driving are now blown.

Link is here.

Is this what being in Europe really means?


...we as a generous peoples;

1. Can house the beggars of Europe and allow them to roam the streets,

2. And allow them to top up their 'dole' (paid for out of our taxes) from our highly taxed incomes,

3. They then buy a car with ll of our dosh,

4. So that they kill us on our streets because they drink driving.

This is madness!

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