Saturday, 26 January 2008

Congestion in Cambridge 2

Been looking at other blogs for views on the congestion charges that are currently beng considered for Cambridge.

Interesting reading...three blogs were of particular interest.

That Canadian Girls blog outlines an email that she recieved when asked about the consultation process. It seems that you either have to go online to register your comment (which of course disadvantages the vast amount of car drivers that do not access the net) or attend one of the roadshows staged at various venues across the county and in Suffolk. Interesting to note that these roadshows occur at a diverse set of venues including;
  • Park and Ride places (you would expect those that use P'n'R to be more on favor, would you not?)
  • Towns such as St Ives and Ely whose residents may or nay not frequent Cambridge and hence be considerably less concerned about the charge.
  • Towns that are further away such as Haverhill and Newmarket which are in Suffolk. Does the fate of the congestion charge lie on their hands?
All in all, this is a disgraceful way to fnd out the opinions of those that matter in this case.

The Daily Maybe also comments on the charge and has some very interesting remarks about the polictical nature of all of this including comment regarding possible impropriety. There is also a reason given for not giving the residents of Cambridge the referendum that they should have, the comments made by the council about 'overbidding' the amount needed and the way that businesses will change their working days to avoid paying the charge. I just hope the reast of the country follows suit. As if...

Phil Smith's blog is a little more extreme and cynical in its view though nothing would surprose me here. He may be on the wrong track (sic) but I can see that maybe he is not. You never know in this world.

Incidentally, if you do want to go and complete Cambridge City Council's online questionaire, then please go here.

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