Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bad move, rich lawyers?

Every Summer time my old school has a reunion. I think that I will go to the next one. I might get rich now that the High Court has made their latest ridiculous decision.

As I see the aged faces of my compatriots, I shall look over and see if they hold an American Excuse card or a Gold Basterdcard. If their wallets/purses are laden with such plastic, and I can make out a case that I suffered abuse at their hands, then I shall sue them! I can do this because of this ruling.

Mrs A was not the first person that was by that utter bastard who won £7 million on the Lotto. She may not be the last should our legal system allow him out on the streets again. Serial sexual predators like Hoare should be locked up forever and never let out. But the touts will always find a way to earn a crust by exploiting legalities to allow such scum to roam around again.

However, because the scumbag won the jackpot, Mrs A can now claim compensation. This is a dangerous move.

There will be a floodgate of claims and counter claims that will clam up the legal system only earning money for the touts.

When a judge sentences a criminal, the punishment is given out. Now, as the victim, you can further punish the individual over and above the legal system. There is now no limit.

So when is my next school reunion?

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