Thursday, 17 January 2008

Geographers Beware

In the news today, comes evidence that Geography is not having enough takers due to Health and Safety Regulations.

Also Geography has become 'boring' and boring pupils!

The government are trying to get involved to rectify the matter.

I used to be a teacher of Science, (readers, I can assure you that I have been cured), and witnessed the whole destruction of the teaching subject due to H&S issues imposed from above over many many years.

Actually it became very very boring and Science today is about simple ideas that used to be covered in one year at school. For instance the government of the day chose to take the Geology out of Geography and put it in Chemistry. Isn't that now ironic!

Look at the Science for the Twenty First Century Syllabus to see what I mean!

So, this is a call for all Geographers to revolt, become revolting (sic) and stand up for your rights to keep the subject interesting. Do not let the bureaucrats get their way. It's your duty to do so!

Otherwise Geography will be based upon the floor plan of your school and what you can see from your window. No field trips, no walkabout's, no substance....

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