Sunday, 27 January 2008

Congestion in Cambridge 3

Just done the online questionnaire that Cambridge Council have put up.

Very badly put together this! Almost deliberate in it's way that it leads you....

You have to be careful here, the way that the questions are asked and the order that they are given is that it assumes that there is a high level of congestion and that you will want to reduce it. In fact, it is a very biased questionnaire and one that will give the council the answers that they want to hear.

If you only traveled in Cambridge at rush hour, you are led to believe and it is implied that the congestion is particularly bad here.

Also, with being online and with anyone in the world able to answer it, there is a major opportunity for the council to get people to answer the questions and so 'load' the results in their favor. What is to stop people completing the questionaire using an elderly neighbours name and address when they know that they will not have a computer in their home?

Not saying that this will happen but it is a distinct possibility.

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