Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Whats on at the O2 Arena Tonight?

I am sitting at home knowing that the Boss will be in England for his last gig before Xmas. Springsteen and the E Street Band are in London tonight at the place formerly known as the Millennium Dome or Blair's Folly. After the excesses of Led Zeppelin, Take That and the Spice Girls the best live act in the world will be strutting their stuff playing for the lucky 20,000 plus.

I was one of the many that tried to get tickets for the gig but failed. I was one of the ones that looked on Ebay the morning that they were released at 9 a.m. and saw, to my utter disgust that an entrepreneurial non-Springsteen fan had placed them on sale at 9.01 a.m.

I could feel down and throughly pissed off that I am writing this when I could have been by the Thames standing and waiting for E Street Band to appear.


Two things really. Firstly, I have tickets to the Emirates Stadium Gig on May 30th. Standing. Will be there early to get as close to the front as possible. My brother has hinted that he would like to go, and if I do decide to take him, we will be at the stadium very early indeed. I am also taking the brood and one of their mates to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in June. A double result and some consolation though the one song that I would have liked to hear is 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. I doubt that it is applicable for either of the Summer's gigs.

Secondly, wandered about town this afternoon and bought a book to read tonight partially to take my mind off my relative disappointment of not being in London. 'Odette' by Jerrard Tickell. The story of a very brave lady that spied for the Allies in WW2. Walking home, it struck me the that there was a paradox here. I am about to read the biography of a person I admire who fought for the cause of freedom in her own way. Just so that humbletons like me could be disappointed at not being at the gig of another person that I admire.

Too many times we don't see the bigger picture.

If you did go tonight and had a great time, it would be good to hear from you.

I'll probably cry when reading the story of Odette.

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