Thursday, 27 December 2007

Two Lost Souls in a Cyberworld

We are two lost souls
Connecting in a cyber world
Messenger, ICQ
It’s that thing we do

She tells me of broken romances.
Lost loves missed chances.
If she knew, if she knew
That I’ve been there too

Many lands and oceans,
One whole day of flying time.
Many lands and oceans
Between your place and mine
Two lost souls in a cyber world
Two lost souls in a cyber world

Had the shattered heart.
Picked up all of the parts
Mended them with superglue
Only thing you can do.

repeat chorus

You must know what I am thinking of
More than friendship, more than fun
You must know that I am in love with you.
Want to take the chance on a big romance?

Cards on the table
I’m willing, I’m able
If dreams can come true
Hell, I’d be there for you

repeat chorus

© 2003

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