Sunday, 16 December 2007

Broken Down Angel (LizzieBee)

She’s a broken down angel.

Can’t fly to heaven above.

She’s a complex personality.

Doesn’t know whom she is thinking of.

Her Bible tells her all the things,

That she chooses to ignore.

In this land of opportunity,

She scared to open the door.

She flies in the face of wisdom.

Believes what she thinks is real.

Complexing her uncertainty.

She is forsakes the perfect deal.

Her friends advise her one way.

Persuade her to last the course.

Inside, her dreams are shattered.

The decision is not hers to force.

She goes to church on Sunday.

Auditions for the choir above.

Tries to live the notes she sings.

And forget her one true love.

The emotions that she feels.

She keeps them hidden so low.

Chained ‘cause of circumstance.

She will not let them flow.

There are those around her,

Who won’t solve the dreams she makes.

A prisoner of the path she laid.

And of the promises she breaks.

In the void in which she lives.

She’s lonely but not alone.

She is the broken down angel.

Living in her comfort zone.


Here comes Lizzie Bee.

Oozing sexuality,

Looking for her liberty.

Her life’s just a lottery

Here comes Lizzie Bee.

Wanting that chemistry,

And scared of reality.

Her life’s just a lottery.

(c) CTM

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