Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Buying Beer

Years ago... when beer was cheaper and most people alive could remember seeing (through their TV sets) a man walk or drive on the moon, you could walk into a pub and ask for a pint of the landlords finest ale. He/she would pour the beer and then know what the price was and ask for the cash there and then.

If there was a large round, the total would be calculated in the bar stewards head and stated to you as the last drink was set in front of you. You would then give the aforementioned personage the beer tokens and wal away happy.

NOWADAYS, you ask for a beer and then the person behind the beer counter has to refer all to some high tech PC/till/electronic abacus and you wait.... then you wait some more.... and if you are particularly unlucky to have someone that would not know his/her windoze from their multitasking stocktaking whiz bang wallop front end computer till.... you will wait some more...

Result? Flat beer, high price and agitated customers in front of the bar.

And they say computers make life easier????

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