Saturday, 15 December 2007

Chemistry is Dead

In a day or term where some time long ago, I sought to find the next Nobel Prize winner in the manipulation of atoms and molecules. You see that The Mole used to be a Teacher of Chemistry but I am cured now. Aspirin taken and antibodies injected.

I used to tease the pupils/students with smells and sights and explosions. The smells that came from reactions between stuff and more stuff. These bits of stuff that would react with other bits of stuff in a very violent way and give off an awful smell. Loved every minute of it and if I had been able to inspire the kids to follow a carer in Chemistry and/or Science I would have been very pleased.

There was a risk assessment but the actual risk was so minimal that the under 18's would get more harm from filling up their cars with petrol on a daily basis...

Now news reaches The Mole that teachers are now coming to be allergic to freshly laundered clothes worn by dedicated mothers. See the story here

Come on! This is ridiculous! Every one of us comes into contact with loads of odours every day. Why should the child have to change his fabric conditioner for the teacher?

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