Tuesday, 11 December 2007

England, where is my England?

This world is going upside down, rather the country that I live in is fast becoming someone elses....

I give you some examples...

I leave my front door, and walk to Tesco's. Not a long walk but it takes about five minutes. So glad of the exercise after a day in the office or behind the wheel of the car. In that walk, I can hear no, I repeat NO, conversations in English. There are Chinese, Italian, Lithuanian and other East European languages... but NO English!!! I walk around Tesco's and again bump into people that are, how can I say this, NOT of English heritage....retracing my steps back to home... again no English spoken... and all of this in my country.

When I go to my local newsagent for the daily paper and or some smokes, he greets me with politeness that I cannot fault. A model citizen. A delight to chat to in those three seconds that we exchange cash for goods. Yet, sometimes I walk in and he is chatting on the phone in some guttural language that I cannot understand. I feel odd that I should intrude and ask for the daily ration of news and sustenance.

Mohammad is rapidly coming to be the most popular name in England outweighing Jack according to my newspaper that I have bought today. WHAT???? Seems like the propensity of Muslims and their desire to have large families have meant the change here. I mean, I like Curry but this is taking the biscuit (or should that be poppadum????)

Apparently the Football Association has made a report that 56% of all players in the premiership are foreign with some teams, like Arsenal, fielding complete sides with no British players at all (except in Arsenal's case they do have the young Theo kid....) . They called it 'Meltdown' and blamed our failure to qualify for the European Nations Cup on this. Imagine what it would be like if the whole country had 56% non British residents. Would there be rebellion on the streets, would arms be taken up, would there be questions in Parliament (you know that big brick building where the Scots guy is in charge...)?

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that England is simply a refugee camp for the rest of the world.

More later...

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