Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Ballard of Three Women

(H**** 1981)

I don’t need you now,
To make me feel alive.
No longer am I weak,
And fighting for survival.
But there is a question,
Haunting deep inside.
I can’t find the answer to,
‘Why did we have to try?’

(L*** 2000)

Forever, I will need you,
To make me feel alive.
You helped me when I was weak,
And struggling to survive.
But here is the question,
Coming from deep inside.
“In nineteen eighty three,
Why were we not ready to try?”

(L**** 2001)

I need you now,
To make me feel alive,
You can’t see how weak I am,
I’m fighting for survival.
And here’s the question
Tormenting deep inside,
“Are you really brave enough?”
“Are you prepared to try?”

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