Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Education - A Simple Idea.

In the light of active disruption by spoilt children, the snobbery that can exist within the educational world, the suggestion that class sizes could rise to 70 when the teaching unions about to vote on class sizes, memos about the 'toxic nature' of family breakdown and the perceived increased need for support for the tweenager, education is much in the news at the moment.

It seems that everyone, and teachers in particular, want to teach only the best motivated students and then in groups of twenty or so. However, class sizes are around thirty and there are some in every class that seek to disrupt lessons.

In the next government where Jeremy Clarkson is PM and I become the Secretary of State for Education. At least and unlike many education secretaries before hand, I can speak of having many years experience in this field.

Back to the point!

Here is the manifesto of solely one item but the one item that will radically improve all schools.

Attending school becomes OPTIONAL for all pupils over the age of 14.

This will have the following effects;

  1. Only committed students will attend school and hence teachers will only be teaching the motivated. Teachers now happy!
  2. Parents will have to take more responsibility for their children as those who will decide to stay at home will have to be looked after. They become actively responsible for the futures of the kids. Parents focused
  3. Funding released by the non attendees can be used for the motivated. Head teachers happy!
  4. The 'bad' teachers will be redeployed out of the classroom and thus the overall standard of teaching will improve. Parents happy!
  5. Schools will have the right to exclude any pupil that is a pain and transfer the care of that pupil to the parent. Schools happy!
  6. Children will rapidly learn that if they want to attend school they have to behave. Thats it. Simple! Schools happy again!
  7. With the wealth of training opportunities outside of the classroom funded by the government, pupils who do not gain GSCE's/NVQ's/Diploma's can pick up their education when they need it and when they become motivated to learn. Government happy!
  8. Most of all, the function of school to educate will become paramount rather than to baby sit the currently ill-mannered and destructive pupil and allow them to disrupt lessons. Schools happy yet again!
I await my call up to the next government.

Alas, I do not think that it will happen as I am pathologically honest and would be unable to complete an expense form.

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