Monday, 24 March 2008

Break Ups and Silly Love Songs

When Springsteen was breaking up from his first marriage, he went into the studio and produced 'Tunnel of Love' - an album with songs fraught about relationships and break ups.

When Marvin Gaye got divorced, his ex got all proceeds from 'Hear, My Dear', another unexpected excellent album dealing with troubled relationships.

What's the betting that if Sir Paul writes a single song that mentions love or breakups or divorce that Heather will sue? Incidentally, she has had her name changed from Mucca to Pornocchio as a result of the court case!

After all, Lennon and McCartney (both together and individually) have written some of the best love songs ever...

I hear Pornocchio and Sir Paul are going back into court over the small matter of libel.

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