Saturday, 15 March 2008

MP's Expenses

Two stories caught my eye today.

This one about the John Lewis list where MP's can claim back expenses such as new kitchens (@£10k) and £795 for a sideboard! That is on top of their large salaries. Apparently prices are suggested from the 'John Lewis' list as that department store is best for cost and quality. Also this list for MP's is not made public for MP's 'in case of abuse'!

John Lewis stores are reporting that sales are down this week in their department stores because of television sport! Could it be that MP's have decided to spend their expenses elsewhere?

John Lewis stores also report that they 'faced "very challenging" trading for the rest of this year and possibly into next year as the economic downturn took its toll'.

And who is to blame for the economic downturn? MP's not managing the economy?

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