Saturday, 5 April 2008

Money, Money Money

In the middle of a house move at the moment so really have not time to write more here BUT I simply had to spend my coffee break between boxes commenting on two parts in the news recently.

Community Tax - Simply unbelievable that our leading politicians claim this charge on their expenses except for the slightly whiter David Cameroon! Should now all government employees have the same right? Read the list here.

More on the Cambridge Congestion charge - Staff at Addenbrookes hospital have voted a resounding NO to the charge claiming that staff cant afford it and that, as they are public workers, they should be exempt! They want hospital staff to be exempt as it is on the outskirts of the city. However,in the coming years, there is a large housing estate to be built on the southern side which would encircle the hospital. Similarly, the residents of Girton are stating that they should be on the outdide of the zone. read about it here

Who next to become protest and demand exemption for this ridiculous charge? The boys in blue get an exception (as they would have to help to enforce the charge), council workers, social workers, black welsh one-legged male lesbians, company car owners?

Seems to me that once you make one exception, you have to make several exceptions and then you have to abandon the proposal as it becomes unfair.

Every time I am asked to declare my ethnicity, I fancy the idea of stating that I am a welsh black one-legged male lesbian.

Just for fun!

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