Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I am so cool - official!

As I am 'billy no mates' down my local hostelry, not cause I am a social outcast but because I prefer to drink alone and read the daily rags! One can, you know!

Article in the Mail caught my eye...

Apparently to be cool you have to like/buy/do the following...
  • Fruit Smoothies (make my own)
  • Muffins (I am a sucker for the blueberry and the double chocolate chip in Starbucks/Costa/Nero)
  • Classic albums ('Born to Run', 'Crime of the Century' are my listening pleasure in the car)
  • Memory sticks (I have one, my kids don't but I do! Should they be called flash drives instead)
  • 20 bottle crates of lager (....yup....hic.....double hic....got to get another crate... am as missed as a pewt !...)
  • Peppers (red or green or yellow in your spaghetti bolignaise kids?)
  • Small oranges (tangerines...yummy!!!)

As I do all of the above, I officially claim the title of the coolest 48 year old dad in the whole wide world!

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