Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bank Statements

Last Tuesday we had the 'Budget' here in the UK. Alastair Darling on the news altering this tax and that tax for something or other. More tax on booze, fags and fuel which the British person kind of expects nowadays. Punish the drinker, the smoker and the driver becasue they are the easy targets. And welcomed by the tea-totaller, the non-smoker and the ikes of John 'two jags' Prescott.

Every month I get a bank statement. I monitor my finances very carefully and ensure that I never go overdrawn. A credit to me and my bank gets frustrated that they can not charge me exorbitant charges.

My question here is, as I pay taxes and pay into the British economy, why cant I see the statement that states the financial position that the country is in? Surely the taxes that I pay (both direct and indirect) mean that this countries bank statement is needed to be shown to all of us?

I am writing this as I watch 'Question Time' on the BBC. The politicians and guests on there are arguing money facts and policy. No mention of the actual balance of the country at all. Simply the guys are stating election speeches so that they remain in 'power'.

This is the same 'power' that allows MP's to claim huge expenses including the right to claim £10,000 for a new kitchen!

Am I wrong to think that there is something wrong here?

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