Friday, 15 February 2008

One Hour

For Hannah....something I wrote after a single meeting... now she is not mine but someone else's... ah well...

First meeting after phone conversations.
Will real life be better than our Internet connection?
Saw you and knew there’s no need to redial.
Blue jeans, brown jacket, the biggest smile.
You were standing still on the moving stairs.
A vision of beauty rising there.

Hey The Love Express has just stopped at my station.
Guard shouting ‘Anyone for the love connection?’
Hey Mister ‘It took one hour, just one hour,
Just one hour to fall in love with he

You talked with unbelievable charm.
Inside I’m nervous, outside I’m calm.
I looked, admired and as you spoke.
You smiled; you laughed at all the silly jokes.
I knew that I had to keep the feelings discreet.
I knew that I was falling, falling so deep

Repeat Chorus

Just one hour it took for me to fall in love with you as I remember.
Was it only sixty minutes on one Saturday in late December
Yep, back came the love train, thundering down parallel lines true.

Reminding me how, when and where I fell in love with you.

Last cup of coffee, our date ended.
Feel my faith in love has been finally mended.
I don’t know but I hope it’ll last.
Want to think about us, move on from the past.
In my mind, the double six has been cast.
Will you know if I am going too fast

Repeat Chorus

© CTM 5th January 2003

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