Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Today, news reached me that a Eric King-Turner (aged 102) has become the oldest immigrant to New Zealand. Apparently, he wants to have a quite life and plenty of trout fishing.

Good luck, my boy! But the novelty of this and the
delight for Eric that we may feel over this single case hides a real problem that is getting worse here.

Reminds me of the figure given recently that about 750 people a day are leaving these shores to set up life abroad. If money allowed, I would be one of these and settle in my preferred country of Italy close to the ski slopes.

(PS One of my readers is an ex-pat...and no, not my only reader!!!)

Today in the Daily Express, the headline states there are 860 people coming into Britain every day!

Worse still is the report by
Professor Tim Hatton, an immigration specialist at the University of Essex, who published a paper for the Royal Economic Society about the phenomenon. "Our best estimate is that for every 100 in, there's 30 to 50 out. The article is here.

As expected, the EU are taking steps. You would expect that wouldn't you?. Their answer? Satellites! I am so glad that we pay so much dosh to the guys in Brussels, Strasburg, The Hague to come up with such wonderful ideas!

But seriously, am I the only one that is concerned for my country?

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