Sunday, 10 February 2008

Football and Money

Robbie Fowler (ex Liverpool and England footballer) has about 100 houses. He is rich beyond his wildest dreams and good luck to him. If he is an excellent landlord (and I have no reason at to suggest otherwise), I would say that he has used the wealth from kicking the pigskin well and is providing a worthwhile social service to the community. I did see a report that two teachers had done the same thing many year ago across the south west of England. Property kings like these are necessary in today's world due to the lack of council housing.

Cristiano Ronaldo (current Manchester United and Portugal footballer) wants to stay with United. Good for him. Loyalty like this is rare amongst footballers, many making more money from frequent transfers rather than actually playing. As a reward, he may be signing a £7million per year contract. That's £134,000 per week. Yes per week! This is obscene!

I would really like to see one star player refuse to sign such a contract stating clearly 'it's too much. I would play for you for half the wages that you want to pay me'. Or something similar, anything that says that this upward spiral of wages is not right for simply playing football. Until this happens football will have higher an higher pay settlements and have to find ways to pay for it.

Of course, some players imported from countries that are not as rich as the UK send copious amount of cash home and maybe exploiting the system for the benefit of people in their homeland. I can understand that.

But will one footballer who does not need the money stand up?

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